Beyond Chocolate is excited to announce the launch of a call for proposals for ambitious living income projects in cocoa. Thanks to the support of the Belgian Ministry for Development Cooperation, 1.5 million euros is now available for the co-financing of value chain projects that improve, innovate, scale and accelerate progress towards closing the living income gaps in supply chains linked to the Belgian chocolate sector.

All Beyond Chocolate partners and stakeholders active in the Belgian chocolate sector are invited to hand in a first concept note, in line with the requirements found in the prospectus, by July 7th. The Project Review Committee will then decide if the partner will pass on to the full project proposal phase. Projects that bring together multiple different actors from across the value chain (private actors, NGO’s, cooperatives,…) stand a better chance for being accepted.

For more information on the requirements and the reviewing process, please check our prospectus and attachments below.