SDM case study: Kenyacof, Kenya

Kenaycof, an coffee export dealer in Kenya, and it’s sister concern Sucastainability, a coffee marketing agent, work with over 60,000 smallholder farmers in the Kenyan coffee value chain to secure their large volumes of certified and uncertified green beans.

To that end, Sucastainability collaborates with smallholders through FCS (Famer cooperative Societies) for providing a range of services such as marketing, dry milling, storage, GAP training, certification, inputs, finance and supporting crop diversification.

As part of a new project, Sucastainability has awarded its most loyal FCS by investing in the implementation of regenerative agriculture practices generating additional farm-level impact to 5,000 farmers. This report shows that not only the farmers can benefit from new profitable income streams from macadamia, avocado and dairy and improve their resiliency to income shocks, but also Sucastainability can benefit to create additional profit from commissions for their business in these new value chains.

This study was undertaken as part of the Coffee Farmer Income Resilience Programme (CFIRP) and therefore has a particular focus on higher and more resilient coffee smallholder farm income through diversified farming systems and improved soil health

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Download publication