• Living wage

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    Living wage
  • Technology for sustainable value chains

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    Technology for sustainable value chains
  • Value Chain Development in Africa

    IDH works with private sector companies (both from Europe and Africa) to support the agriculture value chain development in the African continent. This to developing business in Africa, creating jobs…

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    Value Chain Development in Africa
  • Closing the living wage gap

    IDH can support you with: Advice on how to measure the living wage and living income gap in specific supply chains Advice on how to take effective action to close…

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    Closing the living wage gap
  • Fruits farmers in field with beans

    Benchmarking of Standards

    The proliferation of sustainability standards, codes, audit methodologies and different approaches generates confusion and inefficiency along supply chains. By promoting transparency and comparability among relevant standards, we support the alignment…

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    Benchmarking of Standards
  • IDH Gender Tool

    IDH is piloting a comprehensive Gender Tool to further explore and understand gender dynamics in our work to improve the lives of smallholder farmers. With support from IDH Farmfit…

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    IDH Gender Tool
  • Verified Sourcing Areas

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    Verified Sourcing Areas
  • Service Delivery Models

    Modelling new services through existing (trade) relations between smallholder farmers and commodity traders, with new public and private partners.

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    Service Delivery Models
  • Production, Protection & Inclusion

    Land use intensification, nature protection, land and customary rights, spatial planning and equitable benefit sharing need to go hand in hand with independent monitoring and supply as well as reputational benefits for companies.

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    Production, Protection & Inclusion
  • Market Convening

    Bringing together stakeholders and jointly design and drive sustainable investment plans that create shared value. Sustainability at scale may unfold when all stakeholders: producers, traders, brand, retailers and end-buyers work together motivated by (enlightened) self interested.

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    Market Convening
Innovation is needed to make sustainability attainable at low price to the masses

Public and private partners in IDH Initiatives