The Little Book in Spanish

The Little Sustainable Landscapes Book, which was launched at the COP21 in Paris, is now available Spanish, making it available for a large audience base, primarily in Latin America, where it is most relevant.

The Little Book summarizes current developments in landscape management, makes recommendations on policy, and explains the importance of landscape initiatives in achieving the sustainable development goals.

Developed as a collaboration of leading experts in sustainable agriculture and natural resources WWF, EcoAgriculture Partners, The Nature Conservancy, IDH, The Sustainable Trade Initiative, and The Global Canopy Programme, the book is also available in Bahasa and French and is mainly targeted at policy makers at national and global level.

EcoAgriculture Partners and IDH also recently published a “Practical Guide for Conveners”, targeting landscape leaders who are strategizing landscape work in a multi-stakeholder setting.

Download the Spanish version of the Little Book here: