As a large agrarian country and one of the production powerhouses of the world, India is faced with an immediate challenge – sustainability.


IDH, The Sustainable Trade Initiative has been working in India since 2009 to promote sustainable value chains across sectors including cotton, tea, spices, grapes, palm, and apparel, by bringing together government, companies, and CSOs in action-driven coalitions.

In the agro-commodities sector, we have worked with our partners to address issues related to responsible agrochemical use, smallholder inclusion and livelihoods, gender, sustainable agricultural practices, and living income. Through promoting public-private partnerships, our projects aim to ensure quality of the produce and establish market linkages, as well as to improve smallholder farmers’ income and livelihoods.

On manufacturing side, IDH is working with partners to address issues including worker safety and promoting responsible sourcing in the apparel sector.

Businesses today recognize the impact that sustainable sourcing can have on their bottom lines. Transparency, traceability and ethical practices are becoming integral to business processes and IDH is engaging with different actors to design fit-for-purpose solutions to address sustainability challenges.

IDH Programs in India

Together with our partners, IDH is working in 16 states in India on approximately 40 projects, focusing on responsible agrochemical use, smallholder inclusion and livelihoods, economic empowerment of women and poor people, optimizing water use and social impact, sustainable manufacturing, worker safety and living income. We are currently working across five sectors in the state - Cotton, Tea, Spices, Palm oil and Apparel.

As a part of its ongoing engagement, IDH in India will continue to work towards creating an impact and bring in sustainable transformations across supply chains through program management, advisory services and investment services in agriculture, manufacturing and landscape programs.


Agriculture will continue to be the backbone of Indian economy, and hence a key area of intervention for IDH in India. IDH works in agricultural value chains across commodities with a focus on smallholder inclusion, innovative governance, gender empowerment and disruptive technology to drive sustainability in the sector.



IDH in India is working in the apparel sector in the country promoting  safe working environment for the workers in the sector. Using this as foundation, IDH will work with local factories and supply chain actors to promote sustainable manufacturing in India by working towards better working conditions, living wages and innovative finance.



Leveraging IDH global experience and positioning as a convener in landscapes, IDH in India looks to implement landscape approaches in India, with a focus on water quality and quantity, restoration of soil health and establishing verified sourcing areas.

Aligning with IDH global impact themes

  • Smallholder Inclusion

    Smallholder inclusion is a critical focus area for IDH in India as smallholder farmers account for over 50% of livelihood today and 18% of the GDP.

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  • Mitigation of Deforestration

    We are working towards restoration of the quality of soil to allow the farmers to get more productive use from the land and have a positive impact on their livelihood.

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  • Living Wage and Working Conditions

    We support improved wages for the farmers through farm-level interventions.

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  • Responsible Agrochemical Management

    Responsible agrochemical management will continue to be a key intervention in our agri interventions in India.

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  • Gender Equality and Empowerment

    As gender inequality remains a significant challenge in India, we work towards gender empowerment through combination of our programs.

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  • Securing Smallholder Livelihoods in Rainfed Maharashtra

    The Maharashtra Cotton Water Platform works towards delivering innovative solutions to improve water use efficiency and increase the income of the cotton farming communities.

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    Securing Smallholder Livelihoods in Rainfed Maharashtra
  • Sustainability Initiative Fruit and Vegetables

    SIFAV aims to make imports of fruits and vegetables 100% sustainable in 2020.

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    Sustainability Initiative Fruit and Vegetables
  • Sustainable Spices Initiative

    The Sustainable Spices Initiative pushes for interventions that create more farm level impact and cater to specific issues and geographies.

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    Sustainable Spices Initiative
  • Seeds of Prosperity Programme

    GAIN, Unilever, and IDH aim to improve the nutrition and health of tea farmers, workers and their families in the supply chains through the Seeds of Prosperity programme.

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    Seeds of Prosperity Programme
  • trustea

    A locally developed initiative to transform the domestic Indian tea industry; stimulating continuous improvement, and impacting the livelihoods of smallholders and workers.

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  • UNICEF Partnership in Assam

    A ground breaking collaboration to help protect and change the lives of children and young people living in tea communities in Assam

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    UNICEF Partnership in Assam
  • Better Cotton Growth & Innovation Fund

    A global project portfolio managed with businesses, civil society and governments

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    Better Cotton Growth & Innovation Fund

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